Background Image

Just like in the Grab the Coin game, we will be using an image file for our background. This time, it's a water image.

It's fine if you want to use a different image, but as always, make sure your background image is the same size as the game window.


First we need to create a new Actor using the background image file.

background = Actor('water')

Next we need to draw the actor, but we should only do that in the draw() function. We'll use def draw(): to create the draw() function.

def draw():

Note that the background.draw() is indented. This tells Python that this line is inside the draw() function.

At this point...

Right now your code should look like this (new lines are highlighted in yellow)...

import pgzrun

WIDTH = 800
HEIGHT = 600

background = Actor('water')

def draw():

pgzrun.go() # Must be last line

Run this program by clicking "Run -> Run Module". A window with the background image should appear.