Here are some challenges to make the game better. You don't have to try them in order. Do them in any order you want.

Challenge 1. One Monster

Add a monster to the game. If the player touches the monster, the game ends immediately.

Challenge 2. Many Monsters

Keep adding a new monster every 1 second. This means that as time passes, there will be more and more monsters in the game. You'll need to make use of a list for this.

Challenge 3. Mushrooms

Add a mushroom to the game. Touching the mushroom will increase the timer by 0.5 seconds, giving the player more time.

Challenge 4. Animation

Animate the player whenever it moves.

Challenge 5. End of Game Sound

We prepared two sound file, but only used one of them. Can you figure out a way to play the second sound when the game ends? This can be a little tricky and may not work the way you expect the first time. Don't give up and you'll figure it out!