To use Pygame Zero, you will need to install Python 3, Pygame, and Pygame Zero.

Warning: If you are using a school computer, the installation would most likely have been done for you. You should follow these instructions only if you wish to install Pygame Zero on your own computer.

Python 3

Download Python 3 from

Do NOT download the lastest version of Python. Install version 3.8 instead. Make sure you select the 64bits version. Other versions may not be supported by Pygame Zero.

After completing the download, run the downloaded file. Make sure to select the option "Add Python to Path".

Pygame Zero (...and Pygame)

If you install Pygame Zero using the following methods, Pygame would be automatically installed as well.


Access the command prompt by clicking the search icon on your taskbar (...looks like a magnifying glass), and typing in command prompt. In the command prompt window, run pip install pgzero.

If you get a "'pip' is not recognized" error, that's probably because you did not add Python to Path when installing Python. Try uninstalling Python and reinstalling it.

If you get some other error, it's probably because you installed an incompatible version of Python. Please install Python 3.7 from the Python website.


Open up any terminal program and run pip install pgzero


Open up your Applications folder, then open the Utilities folder. From there, open the Terminal application and run pip install pgzero.