For this game, we'll be using TwinBee as our inspiration.

TwinBee is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game made in 1985. While it may not be the most famous example of its genre, it is one of the most successful (...and cutest).

In this game, the background and enemies will be scrolling from top down. The player's ship can move in all directions, but always faces and shoots upwards.

This is how my game looks like when it is completed.

How your game will turn out depends on you, but we'll be teaching you how the above game was built. With a little effort and inspiration, you can easily create something better than that!

New Project

To keep our files organized, we'll need to create a new folder for the new game.


1) Open up file explorer

2) Navigate to your flash drive or network drive, right click, and create a new folder.

3) Name the new folder (...for this project, I recommend tank_game)

Images and Sounds

Within this new folder, we will need to create two more folders; images and sounds.

Your final folder structure should look like this...

\_ images
\_ sounds

We will put our Python game file in the tank_game folder, our images in the images folder, and all music and sound effects in the sounds folder.

Important : This game uses a wall image that isn't in the previous image pack. I've prepared a mini-image pack here that contains the images you'll need for this game. Put all of these images into your images folder.


Look for this icon on your desktop. If it's not on your desktop, click the search icon on your taskbar (...looks like a magnifying glass) and search for idle.

This should open up the IDLE window that looks like this...

Click on File and New File. This will open a blank window for you to write Python code!