IoTy Flash Tool

This tool allows you to flash an ESP32 with the IoTy firmware.

Your browser does not support Web Serial. Please use Chrome.

Step 1: Connect

This will connect to your ESP32 via Web Serial.

"Filtered Connect" can help hide the non-ESP32 devices, but some valid ESP32 devices may not appear.

"Connect" will show all devices, but it may be hard to identify the correct device.

Step 2: Flash Micropython

If your device is already flashed with a suitable micropython, you can skip this step.

Click one of the following to load a micropython before continuing.

Flashing micropython will erase everything on the device.


After clicking the above button, if the "Connecting..." message takes more than a couple of seconds, press and hold the boot button on your ESP32 until the chip is detected.

If errors occurs, try again with a lower baudrate (...seems commonly required on Mac).

Step 3: Flash IoTy

This will copy the IoTy firmware to your ESP32. If you encounter errors, try resetting your ESP32 before trying again.

Device name cannot be empty and must be no more than 8 characters.

The ESP32-Cam may need DTR and RTS to be set to False.

Device name:

Format Littlefs